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Online Courses

  • Concrete Masonry: The Energy Efficiency Solution

    Increased energy efficiency in both new and existing construction continues to be a large factor behind the design decisions we make and the materials we choose to integrate into our buildings. Concrete masonry construction can provide a wide range of benefits. This course illustrates how building envelopes constructed with concrete masonry create high-performance buildings that can exceed energy code requirements.

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  • The Next Generation of Concrete Masonry

    The inherent properties of concrete masonry, including strength, durability, and fire safety, have been well documented, though a perception of high cost persists. Due to significant changes to codes and standards that increased the flexibility of concrete masonry structural design, this construction method may also offer cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative solutions. This course reviews changes to ASTM C90 and the masonry design standard and includes a discussion on the benefits and opportunities these requirements bring.

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